Wednesday 3rd March





Live Zoom broadcast at 10.00



Phonics and literacy

Overview of the day’s lessons 



Remember to take time out and share a book for at least 5/10 minutes a day.


Phase 5 alternative pronunciation for graphemes



LO: To read and write number words.


SC: I can add number words to my planning sheet.


I can use the spelling rule for adding 's or 'es



Add number words one-five to your planning sheet. Have a look at how these words are spelt observing any unusual spellings.



  •         Number word wordsearch
  •         Number word matching

Paper and pencil


L.O. Numbers to 50

S.C. I can read numbers 1 to 50 in words and numerals


Main: Watch the White Rose video, Spring week 5/Day 2


Follow link below for lesson:








White Rose work sheet

Other activities:

Using the 50 number frame, adult say a number for child to find. Get 5 in a row then swap and child call the numbers.

Play snakes and ladders or other number games.

Practise reading the number words, start with numbers 1-10 then extend.


Interactive game; Helicopter rescue, numbers 1-50. Choose a lower number selection if not ready to do 1-50.


Please use the link below



Paper, pencil

White Rose work sheet

1-50 number square from Tuesday

Number games



L.O. Recognise the difference between past and present in their own and others’ lives 


Find answers to simple questions about the past from sources of information e.g. artefacts

S.C. I can talk about my home and start to think about how homes where different in the past.



Look at the ‘Types of Houses’ power point.

Discuss and identify which type of house you live in and if members of the family live in the same type of house or different.

Do the children think all of the houses are modern or old? How can they tell?


Recap who Nelson Mandela was and why he was so famous.


Go for a walk and look at different types of houses in your area. If you want or you could record the different types of homes (there is a sheet to use if you wish or just record on paper). Think about older houses and modern.


Draw a picture of your house and write underneath what type of house it is.




Types of Houses power point


Paper and pencil


Recording sheet (optional)


Trolls ‘GoNoodle’ dance



Follow the YouTube link by clicking on the picture to a Trolls themed dance lesson.

You’ll need some space and a bottle of water.