SEND Vocabulary

Special Educational Needs has a wide ranging vocabulary, with many acronyms. Some of the most frequently used SEND terms include:

AAP - Attendance Advisory Practitioner

ADD - Attention Deficit Disorder

ADHD - Attention Hyper Activity Disorder

ASD - Autistic Spectrum Disorder

BESD - Behavioural, Emotional & Social Difficulties

CAF - Common Assessment Framework

CAMHS - Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service

COP - Code of Practice

CP - Child Protection

DCD - Developmental Co-ordination Disorder

EAL - English as an Additional Language

EP - Educational Psychologist

FSM - Free School Meals

HI - Hearing Impairment

IEP - Individual Education Plan

ISR - In School Review

KS - Key Stage

LAC - Looked After Child

LEA - Local Educational Authority

MLD - Moderate Learning Difficulty

NC - National Curriculum

OT - Occupation Therapy

PSP - Pastoral Support Programme

SALT - Speech and Language Therapy

SEND - Special Educational Needs & Disability

SENCO - Spedical Educational Needs Co-ordinator

SpLD - Specific Learning Difficulty

VI - Visual Impairment