Nursery and Reception admissions 2023 and 2024 - Please ring the school office on 01234 870342 to book a tour of our lovely school and meet our headteacher, Mrs Evans..

Our Staff

Mrs Sarah Evans

Head Teacher, Designated Safeguarding Lead

Mrs Susan Collins

Assistant Head Teacher/ Year 3 Class Teacher (Woodpeckers)

Mrs Kay Blenkinsopp

School Business Manager

Mrs Stacie Carter

Office Administrator

Mrs Lisa Shuttleworth

Accounts & out of school care administrator

Mrs Donna Gower

Family Support Co-Ordinator

Mrs Sarah Buckingham

EYFS Leader/ Nursery teacher (Ducklings)

Mrs Emma Padian

Early Years Teacher (Ducklings)

Mrs Lauren Campbell

Reception Class Teacher (Doves)) / KS1 Leader

Mrs Caroline Devine

Y1 class teacher (Owls)

Miss Vanessa Young

Year 2 Class Teacher (Swallows))

Mrs Pauline Browning

Senco \Lower KS2 Leader \ Year 3 Teacher (Woodpeckers)

Miss Stephanie Loughhead

Year 4 Class Teacher (Nightingales)

Mrs Elizabeth Humphrey

Year 5 Class Teacher (Kestrels)

Mrs Lancaster

Year 5 Class Teacher (Kestrels)

Mr Stephen Harrowing

Year 5 class teacher (Eagles)

Mrs Danielle Parkin

Year 5 class teacher (Eagles)

Mrs Cathy Barrows

Upper KS2 Leader\ Year 6 Class Teacher (Falcons)

Mrs Sarah Jackson

KS1 Higher Level Teaching Assistant

Mrs Louise Campbell

KS2 Higher Level Teaching Assistant

Mrs Karen Pickard

Wrap Around Care Leader/Play Leader

Miss Hayley Turnbull

Play Assistant/Wrap Around Care

Mrs Laura Marshall

Play Assistant

Mrs Linda Legg

Play Assistant

Mrs Teresa Cuccurullo

Teaching Assistant

Mrs Melanie Borromeo-Harlow

Mid day Supervisor/ Play Assistant/After School Club lead

Mrs Victoria Moir

One to One support

Miss Natalie Caves

Teaching Assistant

Mrs Tracey Stanford

Teaching Assistant

Mrs Lauren Wiseman

Teaching Assistant

Mrs Jane Ahern

Teaching Assistant

Mrs Caroline Wood

Teaching Assistant

Miss Kerry Affeldt

Senior Mid-day Supervisor & Mid-day Activity Organiser

Miss Krissy Brown

Mid Day Supervisor

Mrs Joanne Bowkett

Mid Day Supervisor

Mrs Jo Moore

Mid day Supervisor/Wrap around care

Mrs Eva Follington

Mid day Supervisor

Miss Samantha Billingham

Mid day supervisor

Mr Mark Goldsmith

Site Agent

Mr Frank Sherrett

Cleaning Staff

Mrs Jasmine Chirico

Cleaning Staff

Mrs Kate Warcup

Cleaning Staff

Miss Megan Hoare

Cleaning staff