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Pupil Sickness Update - Reminder

Pupil sickness update reminder


Please find below an update regarding our sickness procedures as they stand under the latest COVID-19  guidance.


* Parents are asked not to send a child to school if they are unwell


* Parents are asked to notify us if their child has an allergy or hay fever that may give symptoms 


* Recognised symptoms of COVID are; a continuous persistent cough, lack of sense of taste and or smell, high temperature


* Recognised early symptoms of COVID are;  an upset stomach, headache, sore throat and unusual fatigue.  


* Children under 11 should not take RFT/LFT tests


* If a child has COVID-19 symptoms, they should  take a PCR test. The child, and their  household, should isolate until a negative result is returned or the end of the isolation period if the result is positive. (Please see additional guidance above)


* School will ask to see the NHS notification saying that the PCR  result is negative


* If a child has a positive PCR result they must isolate for 10 days and school must be informed so appropriate contact tracing can be can be applied.


If a child is under the weather with other symptoms, we will  risk assess. Do we believe that the child is well enough to be in school? Is staying in school going to spread germs to others? Is the child's wellbeing being adversely affected?  A member of the SLT will have the final decision as to whether a child’s parents should be contacted with a view to a child being sent home.