I am very pleased to be able to share with you the outcome of our Ofsted inspection that took place on the 28th and 29th September 2022.

The final report rated the school Good in all 5 areas of the section 5 inspection: The quality of Education, Behaviour and attitudes, Personal development, Leadership and management and Early years provision. This means that our overall effectiveness outcome is also rated as Good.

The inspector’s said of our children’s behaviour:

Pupils bring the best out of each other and, in line with the school’s aim, ‘grow together through learning, friendship and worship’. They work well together in lessons and help each other when they find something tricky to learn. They also care for each other’s needs around the school. On the playground, pupils look for those on their own and invite them to play so that nobody feels lonely or without friends.

Pupils are determined to do well in school. They have high expectations for themselves and value their own and others’ achievements. Older pupils have impressive plans for the future and speak confidently about starting secondary school.

With regard to the quality of teaching the report said:

Teachers teach the curriculum content with carefully chosen learning activities. They know their pupils well. Teachers check that pupils remember what they need to know before taking the next steps to new learning. When pupils find elements of the curriculum difficult to learn, teachers and teaching assistants act swiftly to ensure pupils do not fall behind.

The report says of our curriculum:

Leaders review the curriculum and its effectiveness regularly. They identify areas for development accurately and have appropriate plans underway to make any necessary changes. Improvement plans, for example, rightly include ensuring the curriculum in all subjects has sufficiently detailed guidance for teachers about the specific knowledge pupils must know by the end of a year.

Early Years is reported on separately to the rest of the school. The report said:

In the early years, children quickly learn leaders’ expectations for good behaviour. Children sustain their concentration for long periods of time. They take pleasure in learning new things. Staff build upon the strong ethos developed in the early years so that as they progress through the school, pupils delight in learning and behave well.

The safeguarding is integral to everything we do in school, the inspectors commented:

Leaders ensure that staff know the signs of when a pupil is at risk of potential harm. They respond quickly and effectively when concerns arise. Effective work with external agencies helps to secure the support that vulnerable pupils need………. Staff teach pupils how to keep themselves safe. Pupils know what to do if they are concerned about their well-being. They are confident that staff will help them if they need support.

I am extremely proud of all of our staff and children. The report is a true reflection of life at Great Barford Primary Academy.