Great Barford Primary Academy Nursery

Our nursery class are known as "Ducklings". We accept children aged from 2 years 9 months.


Great Barford Church of England Primary Academy Nursery offers a safe and secure environment with exciting, stimulating activities. We have committed and experienced staff who are passionate about providing high quality care and education.  We work in close partnership with parents to help children to learn and develop and to ensure that they achieve their full potential.

Our nursery class follows the Early Years Foundation Stage Framework where the children are able to take the lead in their own learning within a stimulating and inspiring learning environment. All 7 key areas of the framework have equal importance in our curriculum learning. We effectively create a unique learning experience for each child focusing on what fascinates them and planning and teaching in the moment.


“Look for the learning in their play, not the play in their learning.” Kirstine Beeley


Starting Nursery

Prospective parents/carers and children are invited to an informal stay and play morning the half term before they are due to start Nursery; this provides the opportunity to explore the classroom, outside space and meet the staff. Then the nursery team will complete a personal induction call allowing additional questions to be asked.

Towards the end of the first half term of starting Nursery parents/carers are re-invited in for a stay and play morning so they can see how their child is settling. Additionally, they will receive termly focused observations of their child and a meeting will be scheduled where the child’s progress will be shared.


Typical morning

The children arrive between 8:45 and 9:00 am. On arrival they are greeted by members of staff and encouraged to organise themselves for school; by hanging up their belongings, self-registering and washing their hands. The children then select their learning by accessing the workshop environment. The environments are well resourced and accessible for all children to be able to select something that fascinates them and lead in their own learning. A large amount of time is dedicated to child initiated play where the children are free to explore both the inside and outside learning environments where they seek and discover their own interests.


We encourage children to lead healthy lifestyle, participating in physical activities and eating healthy foods. The children have access to fresh fruit, vegetables and water throughout the day in our classes. They take responsibility for setting, tidying and washing up their cups and plates after they have finished.


We end the morning (11:45am) and afternoon session (3:10pm) with group focus sessions. These are adult led providing an opportunity to collectively engage in a class story, discussion, listening, and maths games. We provide a lunchtime session for children staying all day. The children remain in the classroom where they are looked after by the Nursery staff. The afternoon sessions runs between 12:15-3:10pm. It is structured in a very similar way to the mornings with the children coming together for carpet time at 1:00pm and at the end of the day.