Ethos and Values

School Ethos and Values

‘Growing together through learning, friendship and worship’

We seek to act on Jesus’ call “He came to bring us life in its fullness” This begins with loving ourselves as well others. At our school we actively promote the opportunity for all to thrive and meet their full potential now and in the future. Through promoting and living our Christian Values we are one family in diversity.

John 10:10b, Mark 12:29-31, Eph 4:11-13, John 17:11b



In order to fulfill the aims the Academy aims to provide a secure, happy and effective learning environment in which children, staff, parents and governors work together for the benefit of every child  while ensuring that they develop their skills and talents to their full potential as well as becoming thoughtful and responsible members of society.

All children will be:

  • Provided with the maximum opportunity to learn, to acquire a broad range of skills, knowledge and understanding, and to develop their physical, social and personal skills.
  • Encouraged to grow in all aspects of their being, to achieve their personal potential, to promote self-esteem and respect for others and to constantly explore their individual talents.

The staff will deliver to each child the stated aims of the school through:

  • Preparing effective classroom activities.
  • Creating a disciplined, motivating, fair and secure learning environment.
  • Understanding the individual child’s potential, demonstrated aptitudes and building a relationship to nurture their talents.

The parents/carers will be:

  • Encouraged to participate in the development of the school and their children.
  • Provided with timely feedback on their child’s development with honesty and respect.
  • Given support and encouragement to work with the school on defined priorities.

The local community will:

  • Be provided with a school that fulfills the educational and developmental requirements required by society.
  • Benefit from the positive contributions made by a thoughtful and responsible school community which always acts as a good neighbour.
  • Be encouraged to support the school and all its efforts within the community.

The Academy Council and Trustees will:

  • Ensure efficient and effective systems and procedures are operated in collaboration with staff, parents, children and the community towards the school’s aims.
  • Be held accountable for raising standards in school and ensuring that the potential of every child is reached.