Governor Visit Reports

On Wednesday 4th February 2015, I spent the day in school on a Governor visit looking at behaviour, the schools values and the impact on learning both in the classroom and during break and lunch times. 

The schools values are evident throughout the school and are actively encouraged and used in both class and at playtime. When speaking with children they understand why good behaviour is important and how it helps them with learning. They understood that through the Values and Star awards children are recognised for demonstrating good manners and good behaviour.

The change in the school day to both break and lunchtimes has had a very positive impact. For children and staff alike the time is more enjoyable. It allows staff time to interact with more children and children to partake in a wider selection of activities.

My feedback to the Senior Leadership Team was that throughout the classes and during break times the level of behaviour is very good and the changes that have been put in place and are being deployed is having an overall positive impact.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all staff and children for making me feel very welcome and supporting me with my visit.

Stuart Andrews

Chair of Governors.

You can read the full report below.