Friday 22nd January





Live Zoom broadcast - Please note this one will go live at 10.00 but will be pre-recorded.


Celebration Assembly with Mrs. Evans at 1:20





Remember to take time out and share a book for at least 5 minutes a day.  




LO: To learn u_e sound

I can read words with u_e grapheme.



LO: To finish a story.



June, flute, prune, rude, rule

huge, cube, tube, use, computer



There is a split digraph activity sheet summarising this week’s learning. Please print and complete.



Finish your story today. Remember to write carefully so someone else can read your writing. Please upload on EvidenceMe.


Phonics activity sheet


L.O. Tens and ones – Part 2


Main: Watch video clip, White Rose, week 11, day 4

Follow the link below





Activity: No work sheet, follow the video clip and pause when asked and answer the questions. Now make your own tens and one’s number stories just like in the clip. Please keep to show us at a later date.


Topmarks has a 10 frame game that the children can use to help with the 10’s and 1’s. This will be helpful for the children who need more practise. Follow the ten frame link below


or you can visit yesterday’ basketball game on place value. Using the topmarks link below


Pencil and paper to write down answers at the start of the video.



Cosmic kids yoga.




Click on the picture for the link